Will Green Sharks get Redemption?

Kenya Hockey Union men’s Premier League side Green Sharks set the wrong foot forward starting the season. Beaten by three goals to nil by Wazalendo definitely sent them down to deep waters. Sharks will be seeking to redeem themselves as they face United States International University-Africa (USIU-A) in their second match of the season at the City Park stadium on Sunday.

In an interview with Green Sharks captain Victor Osiche, he was optimistic ahead of their match USIU-A. “Having lost the first match, we strategized as a team and resumed training more focused and stronger than before. Our eyes are still on the prize” said Osiche. Given the tight competition in the men’s Premier League, Osiche is still confident of a top two finish. ‘This season we aiming at top two finish. It is within our reach considering the deliberate effort each shark is putting in,” he added.  

USIU-A are on the edge of keeping their dice rolling as they have their heads high and staying in the game. It stands that sharks won’t get the lads bowing. Speaking to James Mwangi of USIU, he was confident his team will take home maximum points from the match. “There are always three outcomes in a match but in this case, we are not going to give Green Sharks any chance. They have to redeem themselves elsewhere,” said Mwangi. “All Premier League teams are tough and securing three points from an appointment is really tough. This narrows us down as players to the basics of the game where discipline, commitment, and passion will be needed. Both physical and the training of the game should be directed to the ultimate goal,” added on Mwangi.

From the sideline

According to Isaac Ngala an ardent Green Sharks fan, he believes Sharks need to step up and get all the three points from the match. “Considering the two teams are strong and competitive, Sharks needs to step up and bring on their best game since they never disappoint. We are looking forward to an incredible play and positive results,” said Ngala.

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