Weekend at a glance

Thrilling, sensational and spectacular hockey weekends have been experienced since the start of the Kenya Hockey Union leagues second leg.

In men’s Premier League last week, on form and league leaders Wazalendo flawlessly pinned down Nairobi Sikh Union in a three-goal encounter and also beat United States International University-Africa (USIU-A) 2-1 while Sailors Hockey Club sailed past Strathmore Gladiators in a 3-2 wave.

Welcoming another hockey weekend, third-placed Green sharks will be facing a tricky fixture as they head to Kakamega to take on a well-polished Western Jaguars. At City Park stadium, Wazalendo will be taking on Strathmore University with the thought of keeping their second leg tabs at bar.

The clash of the giants;

Kenya Police and Butali Warriors remain uncertain as both teams aim for the top post as they play on Sunday at the City Park stadium. In an interview with Sammy Oungo of Kenya Police, he noted the mixed performances they have recorded in the second leg. “Considering our past performance, the second leg has been unkind to us. Losing to Wazalendo and getting a draw against Sailors was a big blow to us but we are working towards breaking the bad run in our next match against Butali Warriors,” said Oungo.

With the anxiety creeping in, Moses Ademba of Butali Warriors reacted about their performance so far. “Since the beginning of the season, our mantra has been a team at a time, a quarter at a time, slowly but surely retaining the top spot, I know we will do our best as we have always done and we wont disappoint,” said Ademba.

Weekend fixtures

Premier League men:

Saturday: Western Jaguars vs Green Sharks (3 p.m), USIU-A vs Sikh Union Nairobi (6 p.m); Sunday: Wazalendo vs Strathmore (3 p.m), Kenya Police vs Butali Warriors (5 p.m)

Super League men:

Saturday: KCAU vs Park Road Badgers (2 p.m), Bungoma Farmers vs Nakuru (3 p.m), MSC vs Kenyatta University (4 p.m); Sunday: Mvita vs Kenyatta University ( 9 a.m), Kisumu Youngstars vs Nakuru (10 a.m), KCAU vs Wazalendo Masters (1 p.m)

National League men:

Sunday: Wazalendo Youth vs Bay Club (9 a.m)

Premier League women:

Saturday: Strathmore University vs Kenyatta University (4 p.m)

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