USIU-A Directive Threatens League

In breaking news, a directive by USIU Africa threatens to subdue to the continuance of the KHU 2020 league.

Published this morning, communication to the students and staff of the university alludes to the Coronavirus outbreak as the basis for a decision to withdraw from all sporting activities in the near future. The communique details the intention of the university to cease involvement in all sports tournaments within and outside the country. These include the local leagues and the intended tournament in Uganda early next month.

Indications are that the university has already written to the union in this regard.

With fixtures this coming weekend having featured the university teams, it remains unclear on the decision the union will make. At the same time, there are uncertainties as to how long until other teams take similar precautionary measures.

Consequently, the fate of all hockey events in the future- as well as other sporting events globally- has been cast in doubt. These are inclusive of the AFCON and Club Championship events intended to take place in the coming months.

We can only hope for the best. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay smart, have a lovely one.

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