Shouting Thoughts from the Lazy Corner

Everyone is exercising. Everyone, that is, but me.

This evening my Whatsapp Status list looked like a review of mapwork from a Geography course. Do they still do those? I would think they do.

Well. I am exercising. In my mind. I think I will start tomorrow. It might be too sunny, though. I will just stay home if it is. Also, it could be too cold to run outside. It could also rain. I guess, in that case, I will just try and exercise in the house. Yes, that may be the best option. But what about my carpet? It will run and lose its depth if I keep exercising on it. And I cannot use the bare floor, my feet cannot take it.

Oh well. Someone ran four miles today. Good for them. I will run seven on the day when I start. Then ten, eventually I will be doing 15 per day. I will be unstoppable. Someday.

Meanwhile, let me have some tea and cake. Oh, I baked this cake. Keep running. The cake is great.

I will run tomorrow. I think.


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