Sailors Sinking… Police on a Determined Match Ahead

Mutira and Ngolia in a past match against Strathmore

Once again, it is time to contemplate the hockey weekend. But let’s first peep at the rather confusing Men’s Premier League table.

The Kenya Police are at the top of the table with 21 points, having played and won all matches. Their goal difference is also rather impressive, at +19, with Butali Warriors matching them most closely at 11 goals from only 3 matches. Greensharks come in second with 17 points after 8 matches, and Wazalendo Club follows with 11 points and a match to spare.

Meanwhile, the woes of the¬†Chase sailors continue. After their successful campaign in the National Men’s league in 2015, the team successfully made it to the premier league in 2016. However, they have consistently failed to replicate this success in the premier league- much to the distress of its fans and by all assumptions, its sponsor. As the Chase Bank-sponsored side continues to labor through the league this season, it sits at an uncomfortable 7th with 8 points after 6 matches.

If their display in the last week is anything to go by, then the fate of the team is not about to improve. While the Sailors seemed to dominate the contest against lower placed Parkroad Badgers, tactical mistakes and clear lack of zeal in the players resulted in their losing the match 2-1. Widespread concerns about their performance are justified, considering the team fielded all their high profile players in the match. Chief among these are International Mutira and veterans Titus Ngolia and keeper Asimba Collins- who seemed to concede the winning goal too easily in the last match.

As we approach the weekend, all eyes are on the Sailors as they face The Western Jaguars on Saturday at 6 p.m. The visitors have only played 3 matches so far, and a victory (which could well be likely) would catapult them about three positions up should the rest of the teams remain at their current positions.

Make your date. Winter, i mean… Weekend is coming.

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