KHU to rehabilitate City Park stadium

The Kenya hockey governing body Kenya Hockey Union is set to rehabilitate city Park stadium and replace the only astro-turf in the country. City Park stadium, home to the Kenya Hockey Union, was first laid with an astro-turf in 1987 when Kenya was granted hosting rights for the All Africa games.

GreenFields, a company which manufactures artificial playing surfaces, is the named company expected to supply the new playing surfaces. The company, which is based in the Netherlands, is approved and accredited by the world hockey governing body FIH to manufacture and supply the playing surface. Notably GreenFields is the company that installed the surface for the 2014 Hockey World Cup and at Camp Toyoyo in Kenya (an artificial football field home for the National Super League).

In the first inspection of the City Park stadium by GreenFields representatives on the 21st November 2017, the Kenya Hockey Union chairman Nashon Randiek noted that Kenya is facing a big mishap where we cannot host any international competition because of the bad condition of the City Park stadium playing surface. However the chairman believes in one year the project will be a done deal with the estimated total budget funding of 25million Kenyan shillings ready. “We are finalizing every preparations possible and we will be waiting for the quotations from the company involved and then get a guarantee from the government and the Africa Hockey Federation before we can start anything,” said Randiek.

Availability of resources

According to the GreenFields regional sales agent, Sophocles Sophocleous, the availability of resources will be an advantage to the installers and in four months everything will be in place. “We will give a warranty of eight years and based on that we expect the lifespan of the new system to be close to 15 years because the system will be in two parts unlike the current one. One integral part and once it has run its course then it will be easier to install a new turf on top of the existing shock pad and the cost will be much lower,” explained Sophocleous.

GreenFields has been working with Naema Construction and Engineering Limited a local construction company for the past eight years and are expected to be involved in the rehabilitation of the stadium.


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