It’s a Tumble for the Predators

Today marked the end of a rather sensational run for the Kenyatta University Vultures, as their encounter with fellow contestants in the relegation battle ended in a resounding crash for the university side.

It has been a tense two months as the teams lined up for relegation became evident in early December. The surprise wins by Western Jaguars against top placed Kenya Police, Strathmore, and Sikh Union Nairobi placed the Kakamega-based side in the clear. It was evident that the Technical University of Kenya team would not survive the ax, with its minimal scores having been drawn from desperate draws. Ultimately, the real battle was among KCA, Chase Sailors, and the Vultures.

The weekend fixtures offered both KCA-U and Kenyatta University the opportunity to redeem themselves, with the teams having double fixtures. The encounter today was between the two teams, presenting a climatic conclusion to the face-off. The Vultures have proven capable of surprises in previous matches, having recorded unprecedented victories and equally inexplicable losses. Today, however, it was a battle of brains, brawn, and blood. KCA-U presented a strong front both in their attack and defense. The Vultures were also in remarkable form, but special commendations go to keeper Robby Muturi for his impossible saves.

Coaches Moses Kagochi and Simon Mwangi have the task of reassembling their team and beginning once more at the national league. A change in strategy may be necessary if the team is to exhibit its full potential, allowing for more opportunities among players to exhibit their individual brilliance on-field. It has been done before, it can be accomplished once more.

The league is all but complete, with the top side for both the ladies and men’s premier leagues being clear. As the curtains drop, this is goodbye to the Vultures.

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