Is it just me?

“I could be more frustrated waking up to today looking like yesterday and nothing really to be happy about but the fact that I have more hours of sleep. I mean why should I even complain?” This has crossed the mind of many during this quarantine. A quick question, how did we even find ourselves here? Sleeping on a Monday knowing tomorrow is Tuesday but only to realize you skipped the day amidst your doodling, drifting, and sadness…here comes Thursday! Well, nothing much happened this week and you not happy about it. Right!

COVID has had us dancing to its tune. Wait, for how long now? I can’t tell too. I could say we have come a long way and nothing seems to be making sense as of now and we tired. Is this a fact or am I making this up? Look at us, all worried in the beginning and here we are picking from where we left a few weeks ago. Assuming you could still hold on during a plank or even have yourself do a push-up but all this is beyond you. The endurance is long gone.

I can relate to your woes because I struggle with the same disease. I can’t stand what I used to call my norm and I have no schedule thanks to the curfew and once again I assume at this rate I am normal. Times could change and so is life but for how long are we to deal with this? How many things are we putting behind us when all this is over. Wait, is it even ending? They could say don’t be a pessimist but I do more of this lately. Judge less.

What has COVID done to you? What is this thing that you can’t agree with anymore? Would you want to leave it at that?

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