I Can Only Imagine

By Makana Perpetua

I could say am seeing someone during this pandemic but one thing that I am doing is hallucinating. Do you know what that means? I am seeing something. It has been months since we did what we love and by that, I mean hockey. Sweating it out, doing the most, going home victorious or frustrated but whatever the outcome, you gave your all, to the last bit. It seems like something we should not talk about but here in am, pricking the wounds that are supposed to heal. Is it sensational?

A few had the chance to usher in season 2020 but again some had the worst encounter. Imagine losing your debut. Is the season going to start afresh or pick from where we left? Is COVID a blessing in disguise if we starting all over again? I told you am not seeing someone…I am seeing something. This could be a chance to eliminate all the wrongs that we had done at the premiere of the season. This could be a time to erase the guilt and this could be a chance to sharpen the blades but what are we really doing? Away for so long. Not erasing the guilt. No chance to sharpen our skills but what we have is plenty of time to feel bad about ourselves. Force a routine and make numerous trips to the kitchen.

I cannot see beyond COVID but I would love it if I did. To know my fate and to know what awaits and again am reminded, I have no superpower. Well, all I can do is be sorry and vibe with the moments as they come along.

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