Coast Hockey in Crisis?

Following the relegation of the Coast-based teams from the men’s Premier League in the 2015/16 season, the last season saw all the teams from the region stay out of the league and majority of the Kenya Hockey Union tournaments. However, the new season has welcomed back female side Mombasa Sports Club, as well as male veterans Mvita, and new comers Mombasa West. The last weekend, however, saw two of the matches concluded in walk overs as the ladies team MSC failed to show. The event has prompted fresh concerns and criticism regarding the management of the sport at the coast.
Speculation regarding the performance and attendance patterns of the teams from the coast alludes to monetary problems being the basis for issues. This, however, has often been considered an invalid excuse owing to the fact that majority teams based in Nairobi and other regions participating in the league also depend on self-sponsorship. In fact, popular discussions have identified these teams as terminally poor, and yet they maintain consistent and positive performance in the league.
Is this a management or player commitment problem? This becomes difficult to say especially where the management for these teams is difficult to differentiate from the players. All that is certain is that the sport is still in a crisis at the coast. There has been an attempt at recovery, but it seems like a struggle to awaken a dying cow. And judging from the trend, maybe it is better to just let the cow lie down and die peacefully.

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