Clash of the Titans…in Court

Once again, drama has found its way into the Kenya Hockey Union’s elections. In a sensational turn of events, the elections scheduled for Saturday the 13th of January 2018 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) may have to be delayed as the High Court issued a temporary injunction ordering this restriction.

The Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) and the Hockey Kenya Federation (HKF) are in a locked horn clash over the governance of the sport in Kenya. In an application presented on 5th January 2018, George Jalang’o has contested the validity and mandate of the Kenya Hockey Union as the representative body for the sport in the country. The contest emerges after the purported registration of the Hockey Kenya Federation as the official national hockey governing organization. The mandate granted to the latter body, therefore, renders the capacity of the KHU and its scheduled elections null and void.

Under the Kenya Sports Act 2013 [hereafter referred to as The Act], section 46 (3)(5), any Body operating as a sports organization must submit an application to the Registrar. The application must accompany a list of the office bearers, as well as a constitution that, at least, covers the provisions of the Second Schedule under The Act. The schedule provides for the conduct of elections, including stipulations regarding those viable for reelection and participation in the election.

Bone of Contention

The contention, therefore, is that the constitution of the current body fails to meet these minimum criteria for registration. Opinions are divided as some people feel the appellant is only engaging in theatrics as part of his long-standing spar with the Kenya Hockey Union. On the other hand, some sports clubs and individuals see the validity in his claims. What remains evident, however, is that this is going to be a particularly interesting weekend even as the hockey league resumes after the Christmas break.

The hearing between the Hockey Kenya Federation and the respondents from the Ministry is scheduled for 10th January 2018.

The election will pit incumbents led by current President Rtd Col Nashon Randiek and the Nairobi Hockey Association team (NHA) led by Inderjit Singh Matharu.

Full List of Candidates & Delegates

Nashon Randiek
Inderjit Singh Matharu.

Deputy President
Bernard Mwangi Waweru
Doreen Otieno
Elynah Sifuna-Shivekha
Michael Malungu

Secretary General
Thomas Olal
Wycliff Ongori Momanyi

Deputy-Secretary General
Jackline Okumu
Priscilla Jean-Louis

Godferey Bila
Ruth Wangechi Gachuhi

Deputy Treasurer
Syed Farhat Shah

Match & Fixtures Secretary
James Akweri Oyungu
Jane Nyamongo

Deputy Match & Fixtures Secretary
Moses Majiwa

PR Officer
Michael Kelvin Mwangi
Leonard Mutuku

Kaplesh M Solanki

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