Battle on the High Seas

It’s an oceanic battle this weekend as the Dime Sailors meet Greensharks this Sunday at 5 PM for the Hockey Men’s Premier League. The match is highly anticipated with personal and team stakes looming large. Sailors hope to achieve their fifth win of the season through this encounter, with Sharks also hoping to exploit the opportunity to increase their total wins to 7. Greensharks Thomas Mucheni, speaking in a past event, specifically hopes to make a successful comeback from his injury break against a team that is rather close to home.

In another sensational encounter over the weekend, Butali Warriors anticipate persisting in their winning streak as they meet Sikh Union on Saturday evening. A win will put them 7 points clear of second-placed Wazalendo with an equal number of matches played; a step closer to winning the league.

In the Women’s Premier League, Strathmore Scorpions have traveled to Kisumu for their encounter against Lakers on Saturday at 3 PM. As is typical of matches played at the lakeside, the Scorpions should anticipate a difficult quest against the Lakers. This is a much-needed win for the Nairobi side, as a draw or a loss puts them in a rather difficult position against third-placed USIU on the table.

Hopefully, the weather remains favorable enough for the much-awaited evening matches.

Fixtures: PLM- Sikh vs Butali– Saturday 6 pm; Sailors vs Sharks– Sunday 5 pm

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