A Glorious Kisumu; Tales of the rich hockey heritage

By Denis Owoka and Alvin Wesonga Solo; “Min Omollodhakoyach” Chorus ;” Gimoting’o wan wakiya” Solo ; “Kata oting’o mana jatugo” Chorus ; “gimotig’o wan wakiya” Loosely translated; Omollo’s mum is pregnant but we have no idea if she’ll deliver a sportsman. The booming voice of the infamous Kisumu clown, Caleb Ngaar, and the well-known rugby player, Nasser Midamba, would ring miles away to the largest flea market south of the Sahara, Kibuye. Whenever this tune was done, even the women selling omena and mitumba would pause for a few seconds and do a jig, for they all knew that there was action at Kisumu Boys High School (KB). The Makangas, well known for their tune “Eldoret kwa maziwa bado mmoja” or “Kitale mwisho wa reli, gari

More Shout Outs… The Lazy Corner

Greetings, again, from the lazy corner. Those who are still nursing their sprains from this morning's run, congratulations. We will join you tomorrow. Well. It seems we will not be resuming the league any time soon. I have missed a lot about it. That Sunday evening crowd that simply wishes to pretend that tomorrow is not Monday. The midweek fixture that will not happen because it rained. ICE! Mchezo wa meno (Player of teeth?)- Did you know his name is Lucas? I did. Not so lazy, am I? But mostly, I missed the goals. Not the once I score, of course. The ones that other people score. We, from the lazy corner, including Moses Omamo of The Sailors and others, have completely given up

Wazalendo’s Road to Blantyre

Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) premier league men’s side Wazalendo Hockey Club have kickstarted their ambitious plan to represent the country at the Africa Cup for Club Championship slated for Blantyre in Malawi from 30th November to 5th December 2020. The team featured last, in the 2007 edition of the competition, and is determined to make a grand return to the coveted continental showpiece. During the official launch of their fundraising platform M-Changa, club Chairman Douglas Ochol exuded confidence that the club would raise the budgeted 7Million required for the team to honour the invitation by the Africa Hockey Federation.  “We are looking at taking forty players and officials to the tournament at a cost of about 7Million. This includes the cost

I Can Only Imagine

By Makana Perpetua I could say am seeing someone during this pandemic but one thing that I am doing is hallucinating. Do you know what that means? I am seeing something. It has been months since we did what we love and by that, I mean hockey. Sweating it out, doing the most, going home victorious or frustrated but whatever the outcome, you gave your all, to the last bit. It seems like something we should not talk about but here in am, pricking the wounds that are supposed to heal. Is it sensational? A few had the chance to usher in season 2020 but again some had the worst encounter. Imagine losing your debut. Is the season going to start afresh

Is it just me?

"I could be more frustrated waking up to today looking like yesterday and nothing really to be happy about but the fact that I have more hours of sleep. I mean why should I even complain?" This has crossed the mind of many during this quarantine. A quick question, how did we even find ourselves here? Sleeping on a Monday knowing tomorrow is Tuesday but only to realize you skipped the day amidst your doodling, drifting, and sadness…here comes Thursday! Well, nothing much happened this week and you not happy about it. Right! COVID has had us dancing to its tune. Wait, for how long now? I can’t tell too. I could say we have come a long way and nothing

Shouting Thoughts from the Lazy Corner

Everyone is exercising. Everyone, that is, but me. This evening my Whatsapp Status list looked like a review of mapwork from a Geography course. Do they still do those? I would think they do. Well. I am exercising. In my mind. I think I will start tomorrow. It might be too sunny, though. I will just stay home if it is. Also, it could be too cold to run outside. It could also rain. I guess, in that case, I will just try and exercise in the house. Yes, that may be the best option. But what about my carpet? It will run and lose its depth if I keep exercising on it. And I cannot use the bare floor, my feet

Tunza girls receive kit support

On 26th March 2020, Brigid Siantei came across a Facebook post by Tunza Founder Raquel Otieno. In the post, Raquel emphasized how sports bras improved the confidence of girls in Sports. "We have given out what he had but they are simply not enough." She posted. Raquel Otieno's post on Facebook Siantei, took up the initiative to support the girls with an additional 48 Sports bras. "I have however noted the girls need other items ranging from shoes,tights, wrap skirts, stockings et. al to make their sporting experience even more comfortable. Brigid who plays for Nakuru Royals, Captained the Moi University side and served on the Student's governing council as a Co-curricular Activities Representative. Brigid Siantei assorting the kit She's passionate about empowerment

OPINION: Playing on under-developed surfaces is a big challenge

By Peter Okova Covid-19 though a pandemic with ramifications that include death has provided a window of opportunity for us to reflect on many issues at hand.One major issue that calls for our urgent attention is the development of state of the art facilities in schools that have an opportunity to host Nationals. Sponsors like Brookside used to construct basketball courts brand them Hockey goals and the fields of play. Today branding is what remains, take note most of this grounds are uneven with tufts of grass strewn here and there. Anthills form part of the playing surface and the mode of marking are furrows created using a jembe..Those of who were in Embu in 2018 can attest to the fact

The Companion

Maybe the sport was the only thing that was working in their life. Maybe the days they showed up for matches and training were the only days they got to interact. How about their coach? Maybe that was the only person who believed in them. They were the only person who saw potential in them. The only people who appreciated their performance. The only people who embraced the change that had come forth. Have you thought of this? Maybe the team was the only family that accepted them. The only social system that never gave them anxiety or the pressure to fit in. That is why it was easy for them to fit in. To be able to express their feelings. To be able to trust themselves.

USIU-A Directive Threatens League

In breaking news, a directive by USIU Africa threatens to subdue to the continuance of the KHU 2020 league. Published this morning, communication to the students and staff of the university alludes to the Coronavirus outbreak as the basis for a decision to withdraw from all sporting activities in the near future. The communique details the intention of the university to cease involvement in all sports tournaments within and outside the country. These include the local leagues and the intended tournament in Uganda early next month. Indications are that the university has already written to the union in this regard. With fixtures this coming weekend having featured the university teams, it remains unclear on the decision the union will

The Surprise that is KUSA National Women

At the KUSA national women’s tournament, every year a new champion is born! This year, the new queens are Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). As part of the 2020 edition of the KUSA women’s tournament, MMUST took out Chuka University in the finals. In the knock out match, Maseno University eliminated the University of Eldoret to take the second runners up. Chuka University is making a tremendous effort and, as the season goes by, striving for the top spot. In the last year’s championships at Kirinyaga University, Kisii university emerged victorious. The first runners up were the University of Nairobi and in third place there came Chuka University. However, Kisii University did not turn up to defend their title in the 2020 edition. Unlike previous editions

It’s International Women’s Day!!!

Game week II is here and, with it, The International Women's Day! Seemingly honoring the day, all fixtures on Sunday are for the ladies' teams. This is both in the Super and Premier Leagues. Major fixtures are slotted for the afternoon of Sunday, 8th March. Newbies in the Ladies' Premier League, the DFG Wolverines, confront Strathmore Scorpions at 3 PM. Later, Blazers face off against USIU Spartans at 5 PM. Prior to these matches are Super League encounters. They are all university derbies between Kenyatta University and JKUAT, TUK vs UON, and Daystar against Multimedia University. In the Saturday fixtures, KCA University hosts Nakuru, while MMU also confronts Wazalendo Masters. As the main match of the day, the university derby