Butali, Police Share Spoils In Enticing Final Match

Perennial rivals Kenya Police and Butali Sugar Warriors capped off their 2017 season in style, settling for a 1-1 draw in an enticing match played on Sunday 11th February at the City Park Stadium, Nairobi. With the league title already in Police’s drawer, the match was of no great significance but

KU Relegation: When Did The Vultures Start Starving?

For long, vultures have been known for their ability to survive on extreme conditions, feeding on meals that contain bacteria that would kill most large animals including humans. They have an excellent sense of sight and smell to help them locate food-and also have the ability to fly at great

It’s a Tumble for the Predators

Today marked the end of a rather sensational run for the Kenyatta University Vultures, as their encounter with fellow contestants in the relegation battle ended in a resounding crash for the university side. It has been a tense two months as the teams lined up for relegation became evident in early