Tribute to Our Fallen… Rest in Peace Martha

Today this brave world gets a little darker, as we lose one more child of our hockey republic. This morning, the 28th of October 2017, the news of the passing of Martha Sasha Masinde after a prolonged illness rocked the hockey nation. For a moment, we all forgot about our teams in Ismailia as our hearts shook in grief. We all know the inevitability of death, but would rather not know it, or face it, or hear it as it knocks on the doors of our neighbors. Regardless, hear it we must... and still we weep for what we lose. Friends give us joy, family gives us life and purpose. Martha Sasha was both to all of us in the hockey fraternity.

The State of the Nation…the Hockey Nation

As we hit day three of the 2017 Africa Hockey Cup in Ismailia, all teams have the chance to recuperate and most likely review their performance in the first two days of the tourney. It has been a roller coaster for the Kenyan teams, whose registered a double loss each for the first two days. Sole goals from Mutira and Guchu are the only consolation for the teams, thus far. The women's side lost 5-0 to a well-paced South Africa in their first match, with another 2-1 loss to follow on day two to Ghana despite an early score in their favor. The men's side has not been spared either, as they fell 3-0 to Ghana on the first day and