Not business as usual for the Warriors

The first leg of the Kenya Hockey Premier League culminates this coming weekend and, if nothing else, it has been vastly entertaining. Current standings on the Men's Premier table show a fledgling Chase Sailors and more conspicuously, Strathmore Gladiators. Either of these teams making it to the top three even at the end of the second leg would be nothing short of a miracle, and those are hard to come by. In similar lines- hell froze over this past weekend when, in a dramatic event, Butali Warriors were held to a 1-1 draw by underdogs Parklands Sports Club, essentially killing the opportunity for the former to catch up with the Kenya Police. An early hard shot from Parklands' Kidwaro and a

Blue is the new Orange

  The Kenya Hockey League took a break this past weekend, as all teams trooped to Nakuru for the annual Betty Tiony Tournament. Well, at least this was the expectation. The turnout was uncharacteristically low, with the ladies teams only fielding four teams- two of which were fielded by Telkom (formerly Telkom-Orange). The results of the tournament were terribly predictable as Kenya Police took first place in the men's category and Telkom took first and second place among the ladies. Telkom's Ofula was also the top scorer. It would also seem that the ladies also took this tournament as an opportunity to unveil their new team colors, donning on the blue and yellow that is now part of the brand transition. Speaking