Was Covid -19 the end of it all?

The Kenya hockey pitches have been deserted since the first wave of covid 19 unfolded. The plans of getting back to the game were jeopardized as soon as they were made and since then there has not been even a single attempt to revive the game. Will I be wrong if i say the players have sort refuge in other paths?
As the rest of the world is finding solutions to hosting huge tournaments, internal leagues and what have you, our country is limited to tournaments although they are not as diverse as everyone will want them to be.
One year and five months down, the course is not yet clear although we have witnessed hockey in various global places that is the World Olympics held in Tokyo Japan and narrowing it down to Africa Hockey Federation (AfHF) tournaments ; Africa Cup of Club Championships (ACCC) for men and women, Africa Cup of Nations (ACN) for men and women and FIH – Women’s Junior World Cup that will be held in Ghana late this year and early next year. Africa is honored to host and conduct new tournaments for the first time ever, ( FIH – Women’s Junior World Cup).
As the rest of the world is making process, i wonder how many talents we have failed to tap this year following the lagging on the commencement of the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) games. The pandemic hit hard thats no lie but for how long are we going to stay standstill.
We need action, we need to be back. It may be a tough call to make but a rewind of the actions we have had in the past won’t be bad afterall.

Making everyday count can be a task but ain’t we all up for the same?

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