Open Letter To Whom It May Concern

This note is a cry of desperation—a plea; pointing out the tragedy that is Kenya’s hockey planning. The silence concerning the resumption of hockey is deafening! This lack of direction is killing the sport; right before our eyes.

The current trajectory shows a gradual decline from bad to worse. The Sports CS, Amina Mohammed, gave the green light for sporting resumption earlier in the year. Various sports are already in session, including rugby, football, athletics, and others. Listen to the national drums beat every time KCB Lions and Kabras Sugar encounter each other. Do you not miss the ugly drum that accompanies every Greensharks game? Or the spewing heat in encounters between Police and Butali Warriors?

The big question remains, what is the plan for hockey? Have teams not paid the participation fee? Is there any ongoing maintenance that people should be aware of? What is the hold-up?

Would regional tournaments and leagues be a better option if the official Kenyan league is nowhere in sight? Seeing other sports thrive and make progress kills our morale as hockey players and lovers. The sport was our source of income, our life, and our pride. We accepted the lost year in 2020. Asking for another without any signs of relief is quite impossible and illogical.

Dismissing the whole thing might be a better option than this ominous silence. Perhaps, teams could receive a refund of their participation fees and seek other activities if hockey in Kenya has died this way. Maybe it is time to fold out mats, turn to the grassroots, and peacefully engage in random events without dependence on any structures. After all, such events are already in progress.

The alternative is to hang our boots and forget we ever were part of this sport. Many people have already followed this path, reducing team numbers and losing opportunities to tap talent.

If it is over, then let it be over.   


A Tired Fraternity.

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