More Shout Outs… The Lazy Corner

Greetings, again, from the lazy corner. Those who are still nursing their sprains from this morning’s run, congratulations. We will join you tomorrow.


It seems we will not be resuming the league any time soon. I have missed a lot about it. That Sunday evening crowd that simply wishes to pretend that tomorrow is not Monday. The midweek fixture that will not happen because it rained. ICE! Mchezo wa meno (Player of teeth?)- Did you know his name is Lucas? I did. Not so lazy, am I?

But mostly, I missed the goals.

Not the once I score, of course. The ones that other people score. We, from the lazy corner, including Moses Omamo of The Sailors and others, have completely given up in this department.

What I have missed is watching the magic that comes with people like Butali’s Barkibir as he wholeheartedly gives his life to jump into goal, head and all, as long as it counts as a score. The breathless anticipation any moment the likes of Chris Wokila, Davis Wanangwe, and George Mutira take the tomahawk. Jackie Mwangi’s seemingly effortless loops over keepers. I mean…this is magic. You must appreciate it.

I know what you’re thinking. Other people score too! Yes. And you are awesome. You are part of the magic. You are what makes another weekend with no hockey seemingly unbearable.

Oh well. Meanwhile. Have some cake. I made this one too. How many KGs have you picked since we last spoke?

Bye. From the Lazy Corner.

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