A Glorious Kisumu; Tales of the rich hockey heritage

By Denis Owoka and Alvin Wesonga Solo; “Min Omollodhakoyach” Chorus ;” Gimoting’o wan wakiya” Solo ; “Kata oting’o mana jatugo” Chorus ; “gimotig’o wan wakiya” Loosely translated; Omollo’s mum is pregnant but we have no idea if she’ll deliver a sportsman. The booming voice of the infamous Kisumu clown, Caleb Ngaar, and the well-known rugby player, Nasser Midamba, would ring miles away to the largest flea market south of the Sahara, Kibuye. Whenever this tune was done, even the women selling omena and mitumba would pause for a few seconds and do a jig, for they all knew that there was action at Kisumu Boys High School (KB). The Makangas, well known for their tune “Eldoret kwa maziwa bado mmoja” or “Kitale mwisho wa reli, gari