I Can Only Imagine

By Makana Perpetua I could say am seeing someone during this pandemic but one thing that I am doing is hallucinating. Do you know what that means? I am seeing something. It has been months since we did what we love and by that, I mean hockey. Sweating it out, doing the most, going home victorious or frustrated but whatever the outcome, you gave your all, to the last bit. It seems like something we should not talk about but here in am, pricking the wounds that are supposed to heal. Is it sensational? A few had the chance to usher in season 2020 but again some had the worst encounter. Imagine losing your debut. Is the season going to start afresh

Is it just me?

"I could be more frustrated waking up to today looking like yesterday and nothing really to be happy about but the fact that I have more hours of sleep. I mean why should I even complain?" This has crossed the mind of many during this quarantine. A quick question, how did we even find ourselves here? Sleeping on a Monday knowing tomorrow is Tuesday but only to realize you skipped the day amidst your doodling, drifting, and sadness…here comes Thursday! Well, nothing much happened this week and you not happy about it. Right! COVID has had us dancing to its tune. Wait, for how long now? I can’t tell too. I could say we have come a long way and nothing

Shouting Thoughts from the Lazy Corner

Everyone is exercising. Everyone, that is, but me. This evening my Whatsapp Status list looked like a review of mapwork from a Geography course. Do they still do those? I would think they do. Well. I am exercising. In my mind. I think I will start tomorrow. It might be too sunny, though. I will just stay home if it is. Also, it could be too cold to run outside. It could also rain. I guess, in that case, I will just try and exercise in the house. Yes, that may be the best option. But what about my carpet? It will run and lose its depth if I keep exercising on it. And I cannot use the bare floor, my feet