Resilient Kenyatta University routed by KCA

The midweek clash played at the City Park Stadium lived up to its billing as a classical university derby. The most notable highlights were the manner in which quickfire goals were scored at both ends.Kenyatta University​ were guilty of a lapse in concentration as they bizarrely conceded twice shortly after

Kenyatta University confident for a fourth league win against KCA

Kenyatta University confident for a fourth league win against KCA In one of the midweek league matches, a Thika-road university derby will be up under floodlights at City Park as two university sides will battle out in the Kenya Hockey Mens’ Premier League. A win for Kenyatta University puts them fourth

Unbeaten JKUAT break Virgin Vikings

Just one season ago, JKUAT Wildcats were the whipping girls of the Kenya Hockey women's Premier League. So weak were the girls that they would have lost a match they played against themselves. However, under the stewardship of Kenyan International Sammy Oungo, the girls have turned their fortune from minnows

Sailors Sinking… Police on a Determined Match Ahead

Once again, it is time to contemplate the hockey weekend. But let's first peep at the rather confusing Men's Premier League table. The Kenya Police are at the top of the table with 21 points, having played and won all matches. Their goal difference is also rather impressive, at +19, with